Răzvan Stanciu
Visual artist
Date and place of birth:
1970, Bucharest
• 2017: Graduated Master of Fine Arts  from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, the Faculty of Fine Arts,
Field: Visual Arts, specialization: the Creation Strategies in Painting, the class of Professor, Dr. MARCEL BUNEA;
• Since april 2016– member of Union of Plastic Artists of Romania, Painting Branch, Bucharest• 2015: Graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Faculty of Fine
, specialization: Easel Painting, the class of Senior Lecturer, Dr. GEORGE MOSCAL;

• 1989 – Graduated from the High School of Arts “Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest;



– INGOLSTÄDTER ART EXPO INTERNATIONAL 2017, Award for the best illustration, awarded by DIE PAUKKAMMER,  ABC Art Broker Company Deutschland

– Winsor & Newton Prize, PALM ART AWARD 2017, Art Domain Group, Im Wasserwinkel 5, D – 06484 Quedlinburg, Germania


Solo exhibitions:

• 2018 – ROCAT 13 exhibition, Alexandra’s Gallery, Curator: prof. univ. dr. Marcel Bunea,  Piata Amzei street, nr.5, Bucharest Exhibition Video

• 2015 – Ritualuri (Rituals)l exhibition, Art A and the National Association for the Visual Contemporary Arts, the cultural space of Gallery at 9-11 Leonida Street, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Răzvan Stanciu – Razu” exibition, the History Museum of Bucharest City
(Sutu Palace), Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Layers” exhibition, “El Greco” Hotel, Bucharest;

• 2012 – Personal permanent exhibition, the headquarters of Instarom România, Bucharest.

Group exhibitions:

• 2018 –  Grup 47 / Pictură by  UAP Filiala Pictură București,  October 24, 2018,  Visual Arts Center (Caminul Artei)

• 2018 – “Salon International D’Art Contemporain” Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, 25-27 May 2018, Paris, France

• 2018 – “Caravana Artă și Patrimoniu: Zece pentru România” Alexandra’s Gallery, Art & Heritage Foundation and the European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO “Nicolae Balcescu”, 25 mai 2018,  European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO “Nicolae Balcescu”

• 2018 – “Caravana Artă și Patrimoniu: Zece pentru România” Alexandra’s Gallery, Art & Heritage Foundation and the European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO “Nicolae Balcescu”, 19 mai 2018, Museum of National History and Archeology of Constanta

• 2017 – “I Ingolstädter Art Expo International” ABC Art Broker Company Deutschland, Reithalle Klenzepark, May 26 – May 28, Ingolstadt, Germany

• 2017 – “Unarte – Pictură / Atelier 19&34” the class of Professor, Dr. Marcel Bunea, the Centre of Visual Arts Center (Caminul Artei),  April 12 –  April 21,  16  Biserica Street No. 16, Bucharest, Romania

• 2017– “BIENNALE Peschiera del Garda” , Curator: Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo, 31 march – 03 april, Caserma dell’Artiglieria, province of Verona, in Veneto, Italy

• 2017– “OXFORD INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2017”, Global Art Agency, 24- 26 February 2017, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1BX, United Kingdom

• 2016 –“Via Pontica – International Youth Arts Festival” Art Exhibition Painting, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS – Sofia – NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS – Bucharest, Second part – presentation of paintings made during the plein-air, 19 septembrie 2016,  Art Gallery,  Balchik, Bulgaria

• 2016 –“Urban  fever by UNARTE” project „Arte în București, IN-VARIABIL”, Coordinators: George Moscal/ Flavia Lupu, 15 september 2016, Unagaleria – Budisteanu nr.10, Bucharest, Romania

• 2016 –“Via Pontica – International Youth Arts Festival” OPENING OF THE ART EXHIBITION “PAINTING”,  NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS – Sofia – NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS – Bucharest, 12 septembrie 2016,  Art Gallery,  Balchik, Bulgaria

• 2016 – “Pictura Atelier 34” (Atelier 34 Painting) UNARTE Master – the class of Professor, Dr. Marcel Bunea, the Centre of Visual Arts (Caminul Artei), 28 January 2016,  16  Biserica Street No. 16, Bucharest

• 2015- Participation with “Cununie” (“Marriage”) at the auction of GOLDART Auction House on 12 November 2015

• 2015- “ContempL’art 02”, an initiative of Goldart for promoting contemporary art, by exposing on our picture rails the works of the artists: RĂZVAN STANCIU, Sorin DUMITRESCU MIHĂIEŞTI, GEORGE COMAN, DRAGOŞ ALEXANDRU and EUGEN VASILE IOVAN

• 2015 – “” Go Art Projects ‘maestru-ucenic’(‘master-apprentice’), Atelier 31 B UNARTE, Bucharest, Semicercului  10, Curator: GEORGE MOSCAL

• 2015 –  “Pictură UNARTE 2015” (“UNARTE 2015 Painting”), the prizes awarded by the  NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS and the prizes “PARTE DE ARTE” awarded by the CRITERION Cultural Foundation, painting exhibition of the graduates of the Painting Section, curator: MARCEL BUNEA , SALA DALLES, BD. N. BĂLCESCU NO. 18, SECTOR 1, BUCHAREST

• 2015 – Participation with the work “Abyssal” at the auction of  GRIMBERG AUCTION HOUSE & ART GALLERY

• 2015 – “Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor”  (“the White Night of the Galleries”), Stirbei Palace, Calea Victoriei No. 147, Bucharest

• 2015 – “Steampunker” – an aggregator of digital art and new media, Stirbei Palace, Calea Victoriei No. 147, Bucharest

• 2015 – “10 pentru artă” (“A 10 granted to the Art”)  – Mignon Gallery, the Project România este Cultă (Romania is Educated), Bdul Hristo Botev No.1, Bucharest

• 2015 – “Întâlnire cu pictori” (“Meeting between painters”) – Mignon Gallery, Blvd. Hristo Botev No. 1, Bucharest

• 2014 – “Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor” (“the White Night of the Galleries”), Conflict Est-etica” –  Atelier 31 B – UNARTE – Str. Lipscani No.59, Monique, Bucharest

• 2014 – “Arta la feminin” (“Art through women eyes”) – 4Art Group – Spayer Palace, Bucharest

• 2014 – “Love” – 4Art Group – Spayer Palace, Bucharest

• 2013 – “Arhaic versus Modern” (“Archaic versus Modern”) – Rustic Feast – 4Art Group, Pact Foundation – Hanul lui Manuc, Bucharest

• 2013 – “1900 – Inspired”, 4Art – Bistro “InSpayer”, Bucharest

• 2013 – “Dualitate”(“Duality”),  4Art – “Légère” Cafe, Bucharest

• 2013 – “Elevatie” (“Elevation”), 4Art and Galeria de pe Chei  – “La Scena” Club, Bucharest

• 2013 – “Limbajul Pamantului”(“Language of the Earth”), 4Art – “Ceai Et Caetara “ Teahouse, Braşov;

• 2013 – “Simboluri”(“Symbols”), 4Art – the Museum of Bucharest City;

• 2013 – “Primavara”, (“Spring”), 4Art, Le Lotus Bleu, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Winter in Art” exhibition, Bell’Agio Casa, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Conexiune Culturală” (“Cultural Connection”). An exhibition held at the National Hall of  Equipment and Construction 2012, the Technical University of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Technological Equipment, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “The Beauty of Art” exhibition (4 ART), the  exhibition room “Le Lotus Bleu”, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Art 4 You in Autumn” exhibition, “ Literat Caffee “ Cafe, Bucharest;

• 2012 – Exhibition at the Tea & Coffee Festival, Fourth Edition, 5 – 7 October 2012, Bell’Agio Casa, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Farmecul dansului” (“Fascination of dance”) exhibition,  Elite Art Prof Gallery, Bucharest;

• 2012 – “Arta în miniaturi” (“Art in miniatures”) exhibition,  Elite Art Prof Gallery, Bucharest;

• 2011 – Exhibition of paintings and graphics, Parliament Palace, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Bucharest.

Activities in the field of visual arts:
• 1995 – 2010 – painter, illustrator, designer, decorator, project manager for the exhibition
Luxten (an exhibition at Romexpo).


Creation Camp:

-2018– Creation Camp “Art & Heritage Foundation and the European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO Nicolae Balcescu”, “Culorile Bucovinei”, Sucevița, 20 september 2018

-2018– Creation Camp “Alexandra’s Gallery, Art & Heritage Foundation and the European Cultural and Youth Center for UNESCO Nicolae Balcescu”,  Eforie Nord, Romania, 10-20 May 2018

-2016Creation Camp “Via Pontica – International Youth Arts Festival”, Balchik, Bulgaria, 09-19 September 2016


Media Appearance:

-2016 – MERCUS, CĂTĂLIN, Opening of an exibition at „Caminul artei”; Source: Stelian Muscalu,, Published on Thursday, 28 January 2016

-2015 – PASCULESCU, ROXANA,  The  new auction program of the Goldart Auction House – ContempL ‘art confidently turns its attention to the contemporary Romanian artists. The events will take place in that space -hence, successive exhibitions are being organized there- aiming to bring closer a certain type of viewer and collector, the contemporary art. The broadcast RADIO ROMANIA CULTURAL, the ROMANIAN BROADCASTING SOCIETY,, published: 10 November 2015

-2013 – PLĂMĂDEALĂ, MIHAI, “De la Identităţi la Simboluri” (“From Identities to Symbols “), source: Observatorul Cultural,*galleryID_180-photogallery_details.html/ March 2013.

-2012 – CHIREA, PETRE, “Răzvan Stanciu – The force of the portrait in fine art”, the weekly review Opinia Naţională, year XX, No. 598/12 November 2012, p. 5.

-2012 – MANEGA, MIRON, “What is good mondenitate” – Financial magazine / 20 September 2012.

-2012 – ANGHELESCU, VICTORIA, “Răzvan Stanciu Razu – “Dublu vernisaj cu motan” (“Double vernissage with a cat”), / 06 September 2012.




Mihai Plămădeală
Răzvan Stanciu, relies on the force of the model and the colours borrowed from the carpets of the Oltenia region, captured by pictorial means at a safe distance from Realism.

Marius Tiţa
Răzvan Stanciu comes with another kind of force, with a nervous touch, with a strong colour, almost pure at a certain moment. Should we read the titles of his works and ask him why does he entitle the work in English, we will find that the artist protests about Romanian art and at the same time he is in love with the artistic creation, the painting … He wants to do painting and is doing painting … Obviously, he does palpitate and bustle for meeting with the public because he has proposals, ideas, comments and has the magic of fine creation, which enables him to transfer his ideas and atmosphere to the paintings. In his canvas oil painting, or canvas acrylic painting, the artist makes use of a classic people’s old expression means, which is specific just to those persons endowed with grace and with the desire of creation, their skill enabling them to create. That bit of portraiture, which every painter should test, is present in his work. In those portraits Răzvan looks beyond what we see at a glance on a human face and tries to decipher the personality that he is addressing to. Răzvan has intended to capture the characters in his paintings, and submit them to us in the exhibition. I think this is a path that Răzvan should follow, specifically, the human portrait and generally, the human presentation in painting. Moreover, Răzvan, allotted a part of his exhibition to some portraits of buildings. He finds personality and masters a dialogue through the arts, in the chromatic painting of the shapes and the buildings. Each of those buildings has a personality dear to Răzvan, and he feels obliged to have them alongside the portraits in the exhibition …

Victoria Anghelescu
Răzvan Stanciu-Razu’s painting, with vigorous nervous strokes, seems to take all in possession. Temperamental, with an aptitude to an expressive side, even an expressionist side of the motifs, Razu paints landscapes, portraits, and caricatures with acrylic contrasting powerful colours. His architecture often defies the laws of gravity, the water acts as a mirror, the heavens, even serene, are animated by clouds or colourful reflections. Razu’s portraits remind us the expressionist art by his colour range, and sometimes by the intensity of plastically avowed feelings. Razu is flirting with Cubism in the symbols of the horoscope; he recalls Surrealism in the dance scenes with a slight exotic air. The artist has a transparent living, with expressive gestures in which the search of expressive approach is subject to own curiosity and direct experience. His spontaneous explosive behaviour aim an intense living, while having also an ironic look sometimes, and not only in his caricatures.

Sanda Agalides
A painting where the personal searches occur spontaneously, arising from the concrete course of the composition of specific images. The visual results are pleasant. The images are poetic, simple, lacking of exaggeration, which  he intends to be and is in fact satisfactory, as  the any image receiver sees the author to be the first to test the research and to keep or not what measures the success, on his opinion, a visible evidence that justifies the investigation. A poetic slight acid area, which at the same time is not sweet, but awaken and dreamy.